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The Saviour with its self cleansing mechanism always feels fresh and most importantly it makes me feel safe. The three layers, the built and the fit give me confidence to be a part of big meetings and to carry on with life normally. Add to that the comfort factor and the high quality fabrics, I am able to wear the mask for long hours without really needing to step outside and take a break.

Manit Jain - Cofounder, The Heritage Schools

InMask has been everything for an outdoor person like me... it’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it fits much better than any other mask and most importantly it’s one of the safest options... it gives me the sense of security I need when I am out of home.

Sudhir Singh Dungarpur - Partner, Global Consulting Firm

I trust InMask.
Worth every cent spent on it. And the best part is they make sizes that fit kids as well. Safety for the whole family.

Viraj Bahl - Founder and Managing Director – Veeba

These masks are very comfortable and breathable. The fabric is very soft and comes in the right fit. The best part is the technology, which provides ample protection against what is out there, and makes me feel safe."

Dolly Kumar - Cosmetic Engineer and Founder & Director at Cosmic Nutracos Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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