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Q. Should I wash the mask before wearing it for the first time?

INMASKS are sanitised before they are shipped to you. Your safety is our top most priority. 

Q. Is INMASK a replacement for an N-95 Mask?

In simple terms NO. N95s are only recommended for health care workers performing procedures that put them most at risk of virus exposure. N-95 masks are ideally one time use only. CDC recommends using cloth masks for personal use. This cover is not a medically graded mask nor a Personal Protective Equipment but can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission.

Q. How can I minimise my shipping cost?

Since the courier companies charge a minimum rate irrespective of the weight and size, buying multiple packs would significantly bring down the shipping cost.

Q. Can I place a customised bulk order for our corporate needs of INMASK? Can you offer a better price?

Absolutely. Please contact us on

 Q. Can you ship to the USA?

Yes. We ship worldwide.

Q. How often should I change the mask, even if does not get moist?

 Ans: Expired air contains moisture. If the cloth mask is used properly, it should get moist within 4-6 hours of use depending upon the physical activity, ambient temperature, climate and other individual factors. It is difficult to measure this variability. Studies on cloth mask use in community settings are warranted to prove its effectiveness and time for removal. Therefore as per the guideline it is advisable to remove the mask when it becomes moist or wet

 Q. Can we share the INMASK?

 Ans: A face mask is a potential source of infection as a significant percentage of the filtered micro particles will be stuck to the outer/ inner part of the face mask. So you should not share the face mask. It can lead to the spread of a wide range of contagious diseases.

 Q. Should I wear my INMASK at home also?

 Ans: No, you should not. Though if you have guests over it is recommended that everyone wears a face mask.

Q. How to clean my INMASK?

 Step 1. Launder the mask in the washing machine in HOT water (160 degree Fahrenheit or 71.1 degree Celsius ) using soap or detergent that leaves no residue.

 Step 2. Rinse well with fresh water and hang to air-dry.


Step 1. Disinfect masks by soaking for five minutes in a solution of two tablespoons of bleach per quart (liter) of water or 1/3 cup (80 ml) of bleach per gallon (3.84 liter) of water.

Step 2. Rinse well with fresh water and hang to air-dry.

Q. Should I wash my hand, every time I touch my INMASK ?

 Ans: The outer part of the mask will be contaminated. For the same reason, you should not touch the outer part of the mask. If you touch the mask accidently, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

Q.  Can I reuse or sterilise Surgical masks?

 Ans. Most face masks are disposable and are for one-time use only. Ideally, face masks should not be used once they are soiled or the inner lining gets moist.

Q. What size options do INMASK provide?

We have 4 sizes and they are broadly categorised  as below

XL - Bigger Face

L - Mens

M - Ladies

S - Kids (8-12 Years)

For better understanding a 14 year old could easily fit in medium, depending upon the size of the

face structure. Please take a doctor’s opnion for masks for small children and people who have a

pre-existing condition of breathing problems.

Q. I want to know more about the fit of an INMASK

 All our masks are designed with a nose clip to ensure optimum fit. 

Q. What is the fabric used in INMASK

Ans.  INMASK has been made with 2 plies of 100% woven cotton that keeps comfort and safety as a top priority

Q. How often do I need to change my INMASK

 Ans. You can keep washing and reusing the INMASK. That is the best part. We sell in packs of 2 simply so

that you wear one, wash one.

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