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Product innovation

The main motive behind the creation of the brand INMASK was to offer high-quality yet low-cost cotton masks that everyone could use and afford during the pandemic period. These masks provided adequate protection for people who were maintaining social distancing during the initial phase of the lockdown. But as things started to unlock, one needed more in terms of safety. The opening up of workplaces, public transport, and hordes of other activities meant more crowded spaces and thus a greater risk of getting infected with the virus.

The typical "safe masks" that are available in the market are made safe by using melt-blown layers used in disposable masks. These melt-blown layers were neither reusable and certainly nor washable. To get around this problem, mask makers started covering each of these melt-blown layers with water repellant layers, thus rendering them un-breathable. These 6-layer and 8-layer masks tried to make up for the weak filtration efficiency by adding multiple safety layers but ended up in discomfort for the individuals.

Research and development

That was our motivation to create high on innovation Inmask Saviour face masks. With our strategic partnership with the leading American and European companies, we have come up with a unique solution that helped us to achieve incredible Microbial Filtration Efficiency of over 99% (Tested by ITS Labs) with just three layers, and that too, without using melt-blown layer. The inner layer of this mask uses a patented bio-fabric that has self-sanitizing properties and significantly reduces the microbial load on contact. Furthermore, the properties of this inner layer last a lifetime. Saviour face mask is a unique product, first of its kind in India, for which we have already filed a patent to safeguard its uniqueness.


Saviour is a perfect combination of safety, comfort, and convenience.

Both our cotton masks and the Saviour masks cover the specific needs of the consumer. You will need the Saviour mask when you are visiting crowded places, while our fashionable cotton masks work very well when social distancing is maintained. Although there is no one solution to protect you against the current pandemic, together with hand sanitizing and social distancing, our masks are the perfect weapons to keep you safe.

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